About Martha

Vision. Create. Persist. That's my motto.

Digital Content Producer &
Marketing Coordinator

Innovative. Driven. Collaborative. Trustworthy.


Martha started her college career producing video content for a digital news program. This led her on the front lines of political press pools to filming inside a boxing ring. She helped transition an undistinguished newscast into a ten-time Associated Press award-winning program.

Now, with an eye for social media trends and energy for digital marketing, Martha currently uses her skills with the camera and the computer to create engaging digital content across social media platforms. She desires to assist each company she works with to increase engagement, strategize, and support brand image through her content.

Martha’s an advocate for renewable energy, keyboard shortcuts, snowboarding, and electric cars.

Winner Of Associated Press Awards

Comments from AP award judges:

• "River Maze" comes out on top due to superior production and attention to detail."

• "Superior shooting and editing. Use of effects and music added appropriate tone."

• "Well thought-out and creative story. Well shot and edited. I like letting the subject tell the story documentary style."

• "Striking visuals; pacing that changed appropriately with the subject matter; and compelling emotional tone made this entry the winner."

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